Patent Analysis Tools That Increase Your Prosecution Efficiency

LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® allows you to easily, and with more accuracy than ever, predict your assigned examiner’s behavior through detailed patent analysis so that you know how to adjust your prosecution strategy accordingly.


Craft a more effective, systematic prosecution strategy with comprehensive patent analysis tools based on the context of the entire USPTO. Understand why certain patent applications take longer than others to reach allowance—then use that knowledge to devise better strategies and manage resources.

Accurate Content You Can Rely On
Using proprietary and predictive metrics, such as the PatentAdvisor Smart Detection System™, you can escape hazy data and get information that is designed to be accurate and fair.
The metrics allow you to see the complete history of your examiner, predict behavior, and adjust and develop new strategies to maximize your outcomes. Our accuracy is reflected through:
  • Reliable, exclusive metrics beyond allowance rates
  • A proprietary approach to data harmonization that ensures the highest level of accuracy and fairness
  • The most complete process in normalization of examiner, law firm and corporation names that enable you the most comprehensive accurate patent analysis.

The PatentAdvisor Smart Detection System™ is a proprietary model that utilizes artificial intelligence to determine which law firm should be assigned to an application. It gathers data from multiple sources within the PAIR record including response documents. Using response documents allows PatentAdvisor to be significantly more accurate.

Easily and Objectively Measure Prosecution Performance
See how your prosecution performance compares to others with the most accurate and objective prosecution performance metrics available.
The all new Benchmarking Reports™ provide reliable comparisons of law firms and corporations by taking examiner difficulty out of the equation and scoring purely for efficiency with the proprietary PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score™.
特許出願の究極のガイドツール Examiner Lottery Framework™
USPTOによる審査のあらゆる段階において、審査官による判断のばらつきは避けられません。同じアートユニットに於いてでさえ、異なる判断が下されるケースもあります。 宝くじに当選したり、外れたりするようにあなたの出願特許が許可されたり、許可されなかったりするのです。PatentAdvisor®独自のメトリックスは、あなたの出願が許可されるか否かの予想を助けます。
Examiner Lottery Framework™を使って、特許出願の成果を最大化
Examiner Lottery Framework

Examiner ETA™


ETA Distribution™


Lottery Map™


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PatentAdvisor 独自の特徴が、より良い出願結果を導きます

Examiner ETA™

The most accurate predictor of patent examiner behavior because it factors in all pending applications, examiner’s experience, and is driven by the examiner’s behaviors, not the filers’ actions. The color coded metrics show whether you have been assigned to an efficient or inefficient examiner.

ETA Distribution™

Visual representation in green, yellow, and red of the current makeup and variability of each type of patent examiner for a specific art unit, tech center group or tech center.

Lottery Map™

This visual representation shows you the exact likelihood of being assigned to a specific type of examiner. With LexisNexis PathWays™, you can use this information to target the most favorable tech center group for your application.


Access the most robust patent application details available anywhere—including examiner timeline, examiner’s ETA, and the average time and number of office actions to allowance.


This easy-to-use search system provides access to a comprehensive full-text database of substantive prosecution documents across the IP lifecycle, including published office actions, responses, and claim sets.

Prosecution Guidebook


ISO 27001認証
当社は、私的な特許出願であれ、企業の出願であれ、内密の特許情報を維持することの重要性を理解しています。PatentAdvisorは、ISO 27001認証を取得するために、厳格なシステムセキュリティ制御および手順を管理することにより、データセキュリティに投資しています。ISO 27k標準へのPatentAdvisorの認証は、定期的な独立した監査を通じて実施されています。

LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®




Examiner Searchでは、RCEのバックログおよびタイムラインに沿った形で、審査官の拒絶率や審査統計、インタビュー統計を項目ごとのフィルタリングが可能な形で提供します。

QuickPairは、審査官のスケジュール、審査官の許可率、許可までの平均期間とオフィスアクションの回数など出願経過の詳細情報を提供します。USPTOのPublic PAIRの代用として優れています。

PatentAdvisor, the first-ever data-driven patent strategy tool, provides a systemic approach to crafting an effective prosecution strategy. Understand why certain patent applications take longer than others to reach allowance—then use that knowledge to devise better patent prosecution strategies.


LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® Custom Analysis
人の手では時間がかかりすぎてしまったり、自力では見出すのが困難な洞察を発見します。特許審査の専門家が解釈し、大規模で強力なデータセットにより裏付けられた分析により、ニーズに合わせたレポートを取得できます。PatentAdvisor® Custom Analysisは、ユーザーの抱える個別の案件それぞれに実行可能な分析を提供します。すべてのカスタマイズされたレポートは、スタンドアロンのサービスとして提供されます。