Dependably Monitor Your Patent Application Status

LexisNexis® PAIR Watchが受信箱にUSPTO(米国特許商標庁)のPAIRデータを送信
Follow patent applications to stay up-to-date on prosecution status
PAIR Watch monitors the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Public PAIR website and sends alerts regarding updates to the Image File Wrapper, Continuity Data or Transaction History. Checks can be performed monthly, weekly or even daily. Affordable and convenient, PAIR Watch enables dependable enterprise-level monitoring capabilities.
「PAIR Watchは信頼と安心が得られるだけでなく、価格も手頃です。サービスが信頼できるので、夜も安心して眠れます


Application monitoring you can rely upon
  1. 出願番号と監視頻度を指定するだけです
  2. Let the PAIR Watch service track any patent application you wish—yours or another entity’s
  3. オフィスアクションや補正などの変更が発生した時点で電子メールアラートが配信されるため、常に最新情報を把握できます

Why does a Patent Status Matter?

Patent status is important to pay attention to as an inventor, applicant, and business. When submitting new patent applications, a prior art search can show what ideas are already in process that may be similar to yours. As an inventor, having a patent that can be found in an active application status can also help others to see your idea and deter them from developing a similar patent or idea. And while not providing actual legal security, having a patent in a pending status can discourage theft. As a business, knowing what patents are currently in an active status paints a clearer picture of the organization’s assets.