Objectively Measure Prosecution Performance

Learn how to overcome examiner behavior variability and objectively measure prosecution performance with LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®.

Webinar Series: Working With You as You Work From Home

The new “normal” of working from home poses some challenges. In this series, we show you how you can leverage features within each of our LexisNexis IP products to ease this transition.


Intelligence to Drive Progress



TotalPatent One®








A comprehensive approach to patent analytics


Upcoming Webinar: Patent Application Targeting

Learn how to draft your claims differently and aim your application towards technology spaces that are more applicant-friendly.

Forbes Article on how Ford Motor Co. Learned to Compete with Patents

See how LexisNexis PatentSight was used to analyze patents owned by global companies.

3 Benefits of Automating Your Office Action Responses

Deliver more accurate responses in a shorter time frame when you leverage the right tool.


PatentAdvisor ETA™

ETA™ は、特許を取得できる可能性と難易度を予測します。

Podcast ”Better Patents Now”


InfoPro Community

Resources, Tips, and Training on Intellectual Property Law for Information Professionals.


Patent Issuance: A Road Map to Success

Patent Issuance: A Road Map to Success

There is no doubt that patent professionals gain a better understanding of patent examiners as they interact with them over time—they learn how to more effectively read and interact with the individuals who will...

How USPTO Examiner Type Affects Patents

How USPTO Examiner Type Affects Patents

By Michael Sartori & Matt WelchOriginally published on Law360.com Michael Sartori, a partner, and Matt Welch, an associate at Baker Botts, LLP used data from LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® to complete an analysis on ten...

The Medical Ventilator Market and Patent Protection

The Medical Ventilator Market and Patent Protection

A major contributor to the severity of the COVID-19 crisis is that medical providers simply do not have enough ventilators to meet current patient needs. Individuals with COVID-19 who develop breathing difficulties...

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